Stop $96 Million in Budget Cuts.
Contact City Hall by June 19th!

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This is it. On Thursday, Council recesses after its last session. Without $96 million assured, layoff notices will go out and budgets will be re-adjusted for almost $100 million in cuts. This is not something our children and schools can or should weather.

This week PLEASE send a message on Facebook and Twitter to our Council leaders, in particular Council president Darrell Clarke (@Darrell_Clarke), Mark Squilla (@cmmarksquilla), Wilson Goode(@Goode_AtLarge ), Bill Greenlee (@BillGreenlee215), Jannie Blackwell, Dennis O’Brien (@CouncilOBrien), Cindy Bass (@cmcbass) and Jim Kenney (@JimFKenney).

Most have a vibrant social media presence. Sample messages on Twitter:

  • To @[councilmember]: #PhlEd needs your guarantee of no further cuts – not another punt to H’burg. $96M needs to happen by Thursday! #fundschools
  • An indefensible position by @[councilmember]: Leaving schools in the lurch without a promised $96 million. #Fundourschools

Keep calling Council members too! Use our flyer for help:

Why City Council?

City Council can’t make up for Harrisburg’s failures but they have a responsibility to ensure no further cuts to schools. Last year, Council delivered no new revenue. No money has come from last year’s promised sales and cigarette taxes. In the meantime they have bailed on a host of possibilities: Use & Occupancy tax hikes, a restoration of city schools’ 60% share of property taxes, asking universities to support a PILOT program, a freeze in the business and wage tax cuts, and so on.

Now they’re even going back on last year’s promise to open schools with $50 million.

In August 2013, the City verbally promised to assure the schools of $50 million requested by Supt. Hte to just open schoolhouse doors. This was put into writing in Janary 2014 ( Last week, Council’s finance committee (Tasco, Squilla, Greenlee, Squilla, Goode, and others) decided to reduce this amount to $27 million. It’s indefensible.