Meredith music teacher, Cheryl Roebuck

Dear Meredith Families,

I am so very sad to report to you that our beloved Meredith music teacher Cheryl Roebuck passed away Saturday morning. Cheryl taught music at Meredith for 18.5 years and worked for our school district for 33 years.

She was scheduled to retire at the end of June, 2016. She battled a serious illness for many months and has not been in school.

She was an amazing teacher who uplifted our performing arts program to great heights. In addition, there are many, many of our students who have gone on to careers in the arts, due to her mentorship.

There is no information yet on any services, but we plan to invite the Roebuck family to Meredith School, in a few weeks to dedicate our auditorium to Cheryl.

On Monday we will have counselors on site for support for any students who will need it (some of our upper school kids will be very upset). We will also carefully craft words for the teachers, for them to report to the older students regarding her passing.

We thought it was important to give you this information prior to Monday, in case you want to discuss this with your children. Certainly this is your decision, but we anticipate that the school atmosphere on Monday may appear sad to your child.

With love and comfort,

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