Family Engagement & Volunteerism

Meredith seeks to be a place where all families feel welcome! To that aim, our goal is  to offer many different ways that families and community members can volunteer their time & energy to support our wonderful school, to engage in schoolwide & classroom specific events, to share their expertise, and to be part of creating the magic & joy at Meredith! There is something for everyone, and we hope you’ll join us…

Just a sampling of the many ways to get involved…

School-wide Events

Ongoing / Recurring 
Volunteer Needs

Classroom EventsHSA & SAC
Attend and/or volunteer to plan & carry out awesome events like…

✰Fall Festival

✰Play Day

✰Game Nights

✰Movie Nights

✰Winter & Spring Shows

✰Meredith 5K
Pledge some time each week to assisting as a…

✰Recess volunteer

✰Lunch volunteer

✰ Weekly Pretzel Sales

✰Office/clerical volunteer assisting the school, HSA or SAC

✰Website Management

Attend and/or help teachers plan & carry out classroom events like…

✰Author Day

✰Holiday Celebrations

✰End of Year Parties

✰ Field Trips

Attend monthly meetings and/or consider running for a position on the:

✰HSA Board

✰SAC Board
Classroom SupportCommittees

Serve as a room parent to support a specific teacher, or a specials teachers
Join a committee focusing on the areas below, or suggest a new one…


✰Grant Writing

✰Building Issues

Wow, this sounds awesome! How do I get started?

Get the process started so you’ll be ready to jump in when opportunities become available! 

Complete mandatory SDP

Volunteer Clearance Process found here (link). 

Once completed, clearances are valid for any SDP school for 5 years!

Turn in your completed packet to Ms Cheri in the main office. 

  ✰ Be sure to write your student’s name on every page!

  ✰ Make 2 copies of your clearances (1 to turn in, 1 to keep for your records)!

Yay! You did it! Now you’re ready to move on to step 3!Check out the Meredith

Be on the lookout for links to opportunities in the Meredith Newsletter, and emails from your teachers!

Questions or concerns?    We’re here to help!    Email us at