Getting your Giving Tuesday donation matched on Facebook

Thanks for supporting Meredith! For this year’s Giving Tuesday, Facebook is only matching recurring donations. If you choose to make your donation recurring, the first donation occurs today and further donations occur monthly. When your second donation occurs, Facebook will match it up to $100.

If you would to set up a donation to be matched, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Meredith HSA Annual Giving Fund #GivingTuesday Drive on Facebook
  2. Select the Donate button

  3. On the Donate page, select Donate Monthly

  4. Enter any amount for the donation and check that Monthly is selected for the Donation frequency.  When you are ready, check that Donate Monthly appears next to your amount in the bottom blue button and select the button.

  5. To complete the donation, confirm your settings and select the green Donate Monthly button with your amount.