2022-23 Uniform Dress Code

Blue Sweatshirts are for grades K-5
 Sweatshirts are for grades 6-8
Sweatshirts are for all grades K-8

Blue Tee-Shirts are for grades K-5
Black Tee-Shirts are for grades 6-8 

Meredith School gear is available for purchase through our online form.

Uniform FAQs

Do the students’ uniform shirts need to have a collar?

Any solid light blue (K-5) or black shirt (6-8) may be worn.
Acceptable: polo shirts, blouses, tee-shirt, uniform dress (light blue or black)

Does the shirt need to be a solid color?

Yes, shirts should be solid color without large logos or brand names.
Acceptable: Pendleton or Polo tend to put their name on the t-shirt pocket.
Not Acceptable: Large logos like Just Do It across the middle of the shirt.

What bottoms can be worn?

All students, K- Grade 8, may wear ANY kind of solid-colored bottoms including:

  • Pants
  • Jeans (with no rips or holes)
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Skorts
  • Shorts
  • Jumpers

Not Acceptable: Logos or brand names that run the length of the pant leg. 

What type of sweaters and sweatshirts are allowed?

  • Official Meredith sweatshirt in any color (blue, black or grey)
  • Official Meredith hoodie in any color (blue, black or grey)
  • Solid-color sweater or cardigan.

Hoodies are acceptable only if they are Meredith hoodies or solid light blue hoodies.

  • Hoods cannot be worn up in the building.
  • Students may not carry anything in the hood.