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The School District of Philadelphia (Page In Progress)

The School District of Philadelphia is not the easiest institution to navigate. It has a huge mandate, and lot of offices and people working on behalf of our children and teachers. Here is an inkling, of what the Meredith HSA has learned about the nuts and bolts that affect the education of our children.

Thank you to the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition’s Education Committee for taking a lead on bringing transparency, coordination, and training to understanding how communities can support their schools.


The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) coordinates partner and volunteer resources to align them with the goals and priorities of Action Plan v3.0 and help create excellent schools.

The Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is dedicated to creating and supporting partnerships among schools, families and community. As a central resource for family engagement, FACE strives to engage and inform parent leaders and families as essential partners in helping students achieve academic proficiency, college and career readiness.

The Office of Grant Development (OGD) supports schools and administrative offices in securing available resources for enriching educational opportunities for students in line with the District’s guiding document, Action Plan v3.0. OGD also sends out a newsletter with grant opportunities — copies of this are added to the Meredith Matters news page, with the tag ‘grant’.

Action Plan v3.0 is a description of the District’s current and planned priority work. Its primary objective is to align the work of all employees to the Anchor Goals and Actions described in the Plan. It is also intended to communicate a comprehensive overview of the District’s plan to parents, families, students, partners and stakeholders. Lastly, it is a “living document” subject to change as new facts are gathered and new evidence comes to light.


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