Volunteer Forms & Registration links

New volunteer clearances for Meredith.
Link to the document below:

Pennsylvania Act 153 (effective January 2015) made it mandatory for all school volunteers to have the following clearances on file: Child Abuse History Clearance, PA State Criminal History Check, FBI Background Check OR Signed Volunteer Affirmation Form. In addition, volunteers must attend an orientation facilitated by FACE (Family & Community Engagement). Everything you need to do to become a Meredith School Volunteer

  1. Volunteer Orientation– volunteers will now be required to receive training within 45 days of their volunteer start date, which will include an overview of volunteering in our district and go over how to recognize and report potential child abuse. Sessions will be available at 440 N. Broad Street, once per month, at schools once per month (facilitated by FACE Liaison/Coordinator), and online via a webinar that can be accessed at any time: https://www.philasd.org/face/volunteer-video-orientation/.

  • Print All Required Volunteer Paperwork

  • Submit All Paperwork to Your School