Meredith Auction Volunteer Opportunities

The Meredith Auction Planning Committee needs you. We need your talents, your connections, your spirit and energy, and your ideas. Please consider volunteering to help coordinate the EVENT OF THE YEAR. Last year’s auction raised near $120,000.   It is a fabulous night of fun, bidding, mingling, dancing, and, of course, raising money for Meredith.


Christina Pascucci: 267-934-6548,

Tani Bertolino: 215-870-3687,



Please complete the Auction Volunteer form here.

General Committee

  • Volunteer to help with all planning needs in whatever capacity suits you.


Eleanor Ingersoll: 215-272-1288,

  • Solicit donors, make follow-up phone calls to businesses to which we have already sent mailings, and retrieve donations from those businesses requesting pick-up.


Mike Harris: 267-216-6541,

Veronica Becker: 215-738-5501,

  • This year, we are seeking corporate sponsorships which incentives to those corporations.   Focus would be on larger corporations, realtors, law firms, but not exclusive to these place.


Christina Pascucci: 267-934-6548,

Tani Bertolino: 215-870-3687,

  • Set-up includes transporting items, setting up room by displaying auction items, pens, bid sheets, etc. Set-up takes place on day of event at 12:00 pm.


  • Clean-up begins once checkout begins. Included: collecting all pens, bid sheets, frames, display boards, etc. We also need 2-3 cars to transport these items and bring to school on Monday.

*clean-up committee means you are attending the event*


Galila Prystowsky-, 267-254-4011

  • Work with Galila and volunteer day of the event to decorate room.


Amanda Snyder, 215-687-9167

  • Secure and organize donations for sweet table

Check-in/Check-out/Raffle Sales*

Carmen Hayman:

Mike Harris:

  • At event, help check-in guests, sell raffle tickets, & distribute auction wins at check-out

* check-in/check-out committee means you are attending the event*