Meredith School Advisory Council (SAC)

The Meredith School Advisory Council (SAC) is a district-wide effort to keep parents, caregivers, families and community members engaged with the school. The 3 major goals for SAC as laid out by the district are:

SAC is a data-driven advisory body comprising parents, community members, school leadership and optionally a student representative.

All are welcome to attend our monthly SAC meetings, where we discuss and develop policies around the curriculum, school safety and security, operations, maintenance, outreach to parents and community members, and community event planning. SAC members also review the School Improvement Plan and the School Budget. SAC members may also be involved in supporting the leadership team with the assessment of open staff positions and candidates.

In the past, SAC has worked collaboratively to find solutions for issues like implementing traffic safety improvements around the building, finding school crossing volunteers to bridge the hiring gap in the district, advocating for overcrowding solutions and improving kindergarten enrollment policies.

Our current SAC members include:

Principal Brian WallaceCaroline Thorn, Facilitator
Mr. HammHilary Young, Organizer
Mrs. HoffmanKerry Durst, Secretary
Mrs. RashRahul Ganesan
Stacy Koilor, HSA LiaisonSusanna Ding
Eugene Desyatnik, Community Liaison Vicki Clark-Kadish

You can email SAC with any questions, concerns, or to request potential meeting agenda items at For more information on SAC, see  and/or

SAC 2022-23 Meeting Dates (meetings take place at 3:45pm in the school library)

  • October 17th
  • November 14th
  • December 12th
  • January 23rd
  • February 13th
  • March 13th
  • April 17th
  • May 8th
  • June 5th